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A professional networking organization that allows local professionals and business owners the opportunity to meet with Naperville/Aurora-area community leaders.

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The youth we serve in our housing program are experiencing more challenges than ever during the COVID-19 crisis. We need your help to keep our mission on track. You can help by donating needed items listed below or donate online today on our website. www.360youthservices.org/donate ... See MoreSee Less

The Illinois Treasurer’s office has created a loan program to help small businesses and nonprofits located in Illinois that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. For more information please visit bit.ly/SmallBizRelief ... See MoreSee Less

Timeline PhotosIs your child or teen feeling stressed about COVID-19? There are many things you can do to support your child during this time:
• Take time to talk with them about COVID-19.
• Reassure your child and that it‘s normal to be upset.
• Try to keep up with a regular routine, including sleep and structured learning.
• Connect with friends and family through phone, text, or email.

See more tips to support your child or teen: bit.ly/39UVoEj
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Here is a list of items of items being sought by DuPage Pads! ... See MoreSee Less

Timeline PhotosUse this national pause to prepare – Have you picked a place in your home where someone can stay if they get sick with COVID-19? If a person you live with gets sick, they should stay separate from others. If possible, you should use an extra room or unused area and a separate bathroom. bit.ly/39Rl0Sf ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Naperville Aurora Leaders Network - NALN

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2 weeks ago

Naperville Aurora Leaders Network - NALN

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#tbt I have a show based on the human connection - because it’s something I believe in. So, COVID-19 has had a profound impact on me. These are some of my initial thoughts.

Your outlook on our current situation will determine how you (and those you are quarantined with) will get through this time. I have seen incredible acts of love and kindness, including from strangers, which warms my heart. It is an honor to share and support the good deeds that my awesome friends are out here doing to uplift others. Spreading love is important now more than ever! Here are my Top 10 Things you can do...💙

1. Find ways to laugh (this is big in my house). Then keep the jokes coming. It will reduce anxiety and allow you to cherish some of these moments.
2. Call someone you've been meaning to reach out to or call someone you believe may be in need.
3. Check up on your neighbor/friend. Ask them if you can get them anything if you're running an errand. (There are ways to do this safely.)
4. Call the people in your life over 60. It's a scary time and they need to hear from us regularly.
5. Support local businesses (especially restaurants) by ordering carry out.
6. Support/follow the online businesses of people you know. Mine is www.facebook.com/danabeingdana/. POST OTHERS BELOW.
7. Enjoy quality time with family and friends (as appropriate). I'm loving this time with my kids.
8. Invest in self care. Exercise. Sleep. You name it. (I'm reading books now I have put off for months!)
9. Exhibit a spirit of gratitude for all of your blessings.
10. Plan your comeback for when this $*)#& is over! What have you be putting off doing???? Prepare for it now!
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It’s Election Day! I am the only Licensed CPA running for Auditor, also I am endorsed by both the Tribune and the Daily Herald (links below). I have a primary opponent and I need your help. If you want to support me, you have to pull a REPUBLICAN ballot (no Bob and Bernie, sorry). Many polling places have changed, so check the link below to see if yours is one of them. Polls are open to until 7:00pm (if you’re in line by then, you will get to vote). Practice social distancing and patience. A large number of judges are older and cannot work for health concerns, but those tat are there will be doing their best. Remember what Churchill said, “Democracy is the absolute worst form of government, except for everything else.”



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Are you caring for parents and kids while grinding on career goals? Feeling anxious? This episode is quite timely...tune in.

Elder Care and the Sandwich Generation on Dana Being Dana LIVE WEDNESDAY at 9 PM CT on Facebook and Intellectual Radio, an iHeartRadio station.

Featured Sponsor: Oasis Senior Advisors Naperville - oasissenioradvisors.com/Naperville

Check out Dana Being Dana on Naperville Community Television (NCTV17)! www.nctv17.com/c/dana-being-dana/

Did you miss last week's show: www.facebook.com/100006332927185/videos/2729858123901925/?d=n

#danabeingdana #oasissenioradvisorsnaperville #eldercare #sandwichgeneration
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Timeline PhotosOur What's Next? Series begins this March 18th. High school teens are welcome in 5-7PM for this FREE career coaching and counseling series to learn more about your options for post-high school. Explore your interests and find out the best option for your goals. ... See MoreSee Less

I’ll be joining my Naperville City Council colleague, Patty Gustin, as a co-moderator of this health and public safety forum on Monday night, March 9. Details below! Kevin Coyne ... See MoreSee Less

Save the Date: Our next event will be on April 20 at 6 pm at Granite City in Naperville! More details to come! ... See MoreSee Less

As March steps off this weekend, chock full of many festivities for many worthy causes, stay focused on our important responsibilities. Be kind & safe. ... See MoreSee Less

Public Safety and Health Forum! Details below! ... See MoreSee Less

Public Safety and Health Forum! Details below!

Sadio Mane, The Liverpool Star from Senegal (earning approximately 10.2 million dollars annually),has given the world a lesson in modesty after some fans spotted him carrying a cracked Iphone.His response is legendary:
"Why would I want ten Ferraris, 20 diamond watches and two jet planes? What would that do for the world? I starved, I worked in the fields, I played barefoot, and I didn't go to school. Now I can help people. I prefer to build schools and give poor people food or clothing. I have built schools [and] a stadium; we provide clothes, shoes, and food for people in extreme poverty. In addition, I give 70 euros per month to all people from a very poor Senegalese region in order to contribute to their family economy. I do not need to display luxury cars, luxury homes, trips, and even planes. I prefer that my people receive a little of what life has given me," Mane said.

Via @galmier gitev
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Tomorrow on Saturday morning of 2/29! Great panel! ... See MoreSee Less

Tomorrow on Saturday morning of 2/29! Great panel!

High school athletes in South Dakota with heartwarming act of sportsmanship ... See MoreSee Less

Herb Brooks' speech in "Miracle" movie ... See MoreSee Less

Timeline PhotosPolitical Empowerment is an Islamic Obligation! InshaAllah, tomorrow, February 22nd at 6 PM, ICN will be hosting - Meet Your Candidates event. Please join us for the community dinner, as well as meet and greet the Candidates running for office on March 17th. ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Naperville Aurora Leaders Network - NALN

Thank you to everyone that cave to tonight’s event at Granite City! Special thanks to our speakers Karyn Charvat, Warren Dixon III, and Phil Aderton. We also thank DuPage County judges James McCluskey, Ann Celine O'Hallaren Walsh, DuPage County Forest Prreserve candidate Carl Schultz, and Naperville City Councilman Kevin Coyne for joining us!

Our next event will be in early April. Details will come out in the next couple weeks!
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Timeline PhotosIn our annual ranking of nine major U.S. airlines, Delta landed first for the third year in a row, while American finished last for the third time in the past five years. The scorecard ranks airlines on seven areas key to travelers, including flight cancellations, on-time arrivals and mishandled baggage. See how the airlines stacked up in every category: on.wsj.com/2sAMX0r ... See MoreSee Less

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